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RXN - In Strumenz

Format: 2 x CDR & object
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit / Limited Edition Series ACL 1004
Release Year: 2011
Note: debut-album (as far as we know) by this photographer & highly experimental "intelligent noise" designer, creating a very vivid & ever changing sonic flow for a detailed listening experience, each track is based on one sound-source (drums, voice, feedback, strings) on CD 1, & combined to form a "virtual ensemble" on CD 2. Another new artist to discover on ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, lim / numb. 50 copies in handpainted CD map with photographic inlays !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

More Info

"ACL 1004: Limited edition of 50 in hand-painted unique packaging
AC 1004: Unlimited edition in plastic sleeve

This double album by electro-acoustic solo improvisor R.X.o.N. contains pieces based on one single sound source each. The source material, ranging from voice to percussion to feedback, is treated to delicate manipulations and fans out into a multi-layered, ever-changing sonic process. The limited edition contains a series of photographic artworks by the artist who also works as a photographer under his given name Eric Zwang-Eriksson.

R.X.o.N. has made experimental manipulation of sounds his universal method of composing. Vocal and instrumental sounds (drums, percussion, strings), plus electroacoustic raw materials such as feedback and the signals of an iPod, form the basis of the pieces on CD1, Instrument I. The title is programmatic as only one instrument, i.e. one sound source per track is used. Live electronic manipulations and editing cull a fascinating variety of sonic nuances from the material which hardly ever sound reminiscent of the original. The pieces give the impression of a vigourous live performance with the listener continually witnessing new sonic discoveries, an impression which is underscored by the contrasts, sometimes even abrupt breaks, between phases of mathematically constructed harmonies, subdued lowercase glitches, and brutal noise outbursts. CD2 is titled Monodialog because it arranges the various individual sounds presented on CD1 to form a virtual ensemble. In the process, the layering of diverse electronically-generated frequencies results in audible beats pulsating hypnotically as well as noises that sound like a mix of an MRT scanner and a broken Gameboy. Every now and then, subtly grooving loops emerge, instrumental sound becomes noise, and noise becomes an instrument." [label info]


"I never heard of R.X.o.N. but he is one Eric Zwang-Eriksson. 'In Strumenz' is about instruments. On the first disc he explores various per track, such as voice, drums, feedback, percussion, strings and ipod, whereas on the second disc he combines them altogether in a sort of ensemble piece. His music is multi-layered, using various forms of electronic manipulation - software based - of each instrument. Time stretching, looping, slowing down and speeding up. As such he works in the tradition of acousmatic composers and musique concrete, but without falling in the usual traps of the more learned and academic composers in this field. R.X.o.N.'s work is a bit more raw and untamed, and sometimes takes too much time to develop or too easy in terms of loops running around, but bouncing from noise to microsound and back is something which he does quite nicely. Not as thoroughly composed as some of his peers, but at least with a rather fresh look at his material. Nice promise for the future." [FdW/Vital Weekly]