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SKULLFLOWER - Fucked on a Pile of Corpses

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cold Spring Records CSR151CD
Release Year: 2011
Note: the title says it all, a real dirty acoustic voyage to wash your head from the INSIDE; a mix between low fi distortion swamp rock and low-fi power electronics, not for weak hearts !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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"The most remorseless, brutal Skullflower ever! Alternating between granular lo-fi primitive rock and granular lo-fi primitive Power Electronics, this taut disc is a chain mail glove of hate to any lazy minds who've tainted the air with describing Skullflower as 'psychedelic'. But that's not to say this is an all out total assault. There are also moments of tender acoustic balladry, its just that they don't exist. The remorseless brutal sound is primitive, but as detailed and rich as a blood soaked medieval canvas, somewhere betwixt The Rita and Clandestine Blaze, but more brutal! Long live the New Flesh! Kether is in Malkuth, Malkuth is in Kether, but in a different way..." [label info]


"Considering the title of present album, no one should question the darkness hidden behind this latest album from the harsh and truly dedicated british noise specialist Skullflower. For the uninitiated, Skullflower is one of the better-known bands that originated in the early 1980s power-electronics / noise scene, and one of the few to achieve any real recognition outside their homeland. The expression of Skullflower shows similarities to compatriot fathers of power electronics in Whitehouse. There are hardly anytime to breathe in this exercise in extreme aggressions. However the compositional skills hidden underneath the noise inferno makes this album a work that seems strangely addictive, even though a title like "Tantrik ass rape" might scare a fair amount of potential listeners far away." [NM, Vital Weekly]