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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Trace Label trAce 028
Release Year: 2009
Note: three pieces rec. 1976-1988 by the remarkable French composer: "Trois Chambres d'Inquietude" (1976), "Tabou" (1984), and: "Phone Variations" (1988) - which hasn't been published at all before..
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"After “l’Ange” in 2003 and “Pour un Pianiste” in 2005, TraceLabel continues to explore the music of Michèle Bokanowski. This new release contains three pieces that were composed between 1975 and 1988. The first two works have already been the object of a discographic edition, however, the last piece “Phone Variations” has remained unpublished until today. Here you will find all the elements that are the mark of Michèle Bokanowski’s work: concrete sounds, obsessional mechanisms, the consideration of space, the underlining of the medium by a scriptwriting of the edit cuts, the primacy of expressiveness… In “Trois Chambres d’Inquiétude” (1975-1976), the minimalist sound materials (a child laughing, toys, women’s breath and voices, various looped sounds of machinery), serve a diffuse narrative dimension.The reference to the title of a series of etchings by the Danish artist, Lars Bo, confirms this illustrative lead. "Tabou" (1983-1984), on the other hand, reveals a more direct musicality, space and energy are opened out and developed with subtlety and skill. This piece, used by several choreographers (such as Hideyuki Yano in 1985 and Marceline Lartigue in 1993) introduced Michèle Bokanowski to the dance world. Lastly, with “Phone Variations” (1986-1988), the vocal messages and the music borrowed from telephone answering machines significantly expand the composer’s sound material and, in a sort of “found footage” approach, shed light upon the domestic and intimate dimension of these messages by staging them in the public musical space. The entire CD gives to the notion of “musique sur support” (music fixed on a medium) all it’s meaning. In fact, Michèle Bokanowski’s music brings into play an analogical and magnetic tape aesthetic, reminding us of the existence of electroacoustic music despite the hegemonic reign of digitalization and computers." [label info]