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Format: 7"
Label & Cat.Number: Bocian Records BC04
Release Year: 2011
Note: devastating electronic maelstrom" by these three artists in unique collaboration, recorded live at MUSICA GENERA festival in May 2005 in Szczecin / Poland
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"Kevin Drumm, analog synthesizer, electronics. Jrome Noetinger, electronics. Robert Piotrowicz, analog synthesizer, guitar. What is your name? Wrestling is a unique 7 single consisting of a 3 way tag team made up of Kevin Drumm (USA), Jerome Noetinger (France) and Robert Piotrowicz (Poland). All 3 artists have solid reputations in the world of experimental electronic music. Here they have it out with one another and the machines in front of them. The result is a devastating electronic maelstrom divided into 2 parts: Wrestling: The Angel takes on Jacob. Frequencies hurtle around the room as the listener is taken into a world of sound both compelling and destructive. Rest: The battle continues until the Angel fails to defeat Jacob. Our intrepid explorers wrestle the last gasp out of their chosen arsenal before everything collapses in an exhausted heap. Recorded at Musica Genera Festival in Szczecin/Poland on 28th of May 2005. This is physical sound on a physical format. Like the old days when Angels wrestled Men and the Earth spoke loud and clear about it's past, present and future. Again, I ask you, what is your name ?" [Mark Harwood]