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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Viosac VATS1
Release Year: 2008
Note: the return of this Canadian Industrial project known as VIOLENCE & THE SACRED, "a new series of electronic, destroyed, improvised, textured analogue sounds"
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"Instigation to obsessive behaviours through the use of a neurotic variety of dissonant sequencing (brought to extreme consequences in the exaggeratedly protracted title track). Elsewhere, intriguing reiterations and leisurely paced abstract electronics pave the way to an easier enjoyment of an ill-minded quietness, the impossibility of referencing the sounds to anything well-known a definite plus. Samples of classic music appear like funny ghosts amidst panoramas overflowed with deformed dichotomies and rambling precariousness. Spoken word (texts by a William Shakespeare) is not exactly welcome, especially when it ruins a beautifully misshapen string loop (Sonnet 139/66) or unspeakably nonfigurative suspensions (Sonnet 64/15). This is uncompromisingly disordered stuff: at times nave, often labyrinthine, for the large part appreciably unendurable due to a reluctance to open the doors to a first come, first served kind of short-term audience. On the contrary, Rusty Pile must be attentively analyzed in order to appreciate its most satisfying traits, which translates into legitimate experimental release." [Massimo Ricci / Touching Extremes]