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STELZER, HOWARD & FRANS DE WAARD - Gravity@ half speed / A sunburned Grotto

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Absurd #πτώματα κάτω από το κρεββάτι
Release Year: 2010
Note: HOWARD STELZER (New York) works with completely analogue tape players and recording machines only, for this collaboration he and FRANS DE WAARD used each others material as sources, partly based on 'vocal iterations' => two humming and hissing, somehow electro-static charged, highly abstract drone pieces delight the ears of the listener; comes with a very special die-cut "butterfly"-shape cover, lim. 200, super lovely noise / back in stock !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.50

More Info

"A split single in a butterfly cover limited to 200 copies. Frans de Waard is using source material from Howard Stelzer on analogue 4 tracks. Howard Stelzer is using elements from all previous torn tongue iterations and Frans' side of this record as source material." [label info]

"Packed in a beautiful cover in the shape of a butterfly a new collaboration between Howard Stelzer from the USA and Frans de Waard from The Netherlands. Frans de Waard composed the composition "Gravity@Half Speed" with source material from Howard Stelzer, primarily on analogue four track between 2008 and 2010 at De Geluidwerkplaats of Extrapool, a centre for experimental arts in Nijmegen. The composition sounds noisy and clear. It is not a wall of sound, because there are moments of open space. Howard Stelzer composed the other side of the 7" with elements from Frans' "Gravity@Half Speed" and elements from all "torn tongue" iterations he did with Frans. His re-work is much more noisier and back to more grindy noise than the Frans' track before. Torn Tongue is the title of a series of collaborative compostions that Frans and Howard have been working since about 1997. It started with a tape of woman who was speaking. Frans treated this material etcetera etcetera. The material was released at Absurd, Sound Probe, Audiobot and MOLL. This 7" is the latest iteration, but more the duo intended to continue recycling and re-working the source material, and the release is a nice step in the long collaboration between these two ongoing musicians. Some older releases are not available anymore and that is a pity. It would be interesting to release a complete summary of this ongoing project." [JKH/Vital Weekly]