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SRMEIXNER (STEPHEN MEIXNER) - Ten Thousand Ways to Die

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Segerhuva SEGER 29
Release Year: 2010
Note: new work by the ex-CONTRASTATE-frontman, inspired by "Spaghetti Western" thematics & atmospheres.. very unsual sounds & arrangements, beautiful & obscure ! lim. 300
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.50

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"Stephen Meixner (ex-Contrastate) has deepened his exploration of spaghetti western thematics on this album. The tracks herein take as their inspiration the ideas and themes behind the making of the films and the era in which they were made. While the Italo-western genre is often focused on violent dynamics, Meixner's music focuses on haunting and sparse atmospherics yet keeping with the film genre's tendency to always keep things interesting by throwing in both unexpected and unsettling elements. Field recordings, samples and digital manipulation makes up the core of the album, with a distinct, smoothly composed desert flavour. Edition of 300 copies in digipak cover." [label info]