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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Scrotum Records Hode 140
Release Year: 2010
Note: Finally out this split-LP feat. the last recorded piece from STABAT MORS (before the self chosen death of main member CHRISTIAN KHLER) named "HEGELS TOD" (2006) and "BILD UND TOD NACH DERRIDA", recorded live July 2004 at "Neues Museum Weserburg" in Bremen - unique "philosophical" harsh noise, incl. a cryptic text by C.K. on the inlay, who wrote his doctoral thesis in Culture Science around the PETER GREENAWAY-film "PROSPEROS BOOKS". Cover shows two of C.K.s paintings!! Lim. 289 copies
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"Christian Koehler was the motivating mind behind the project, Stabat Mors. Fusing thematic concepts and philosophical ideas based on Althusser, Mishima, Derrida, Artaud, and Cioran, the accompanying noise is a confrontation with distorted accordian,
metal, piano, and microphone to tube; a farewell release that is a sharp feedback orgy and celebration of despair.

"Hegels Tod" is the first track: a solo recording from 2006. Very isolated, sad, and extreme, the mix is an infusion of trying to bind the theme of death into sound. It was the last track recorded before he died the same year.

The second piece is a documentation of Stabat Mors' first live show at the Neues Museum Bremen in 2004, featured here as a trio. Etuede 2 & 3 of "Bild & Tod nach Derrida" is a mixture of lecture and noise-cacophonia.

Richard Ramirez appears on the other side of the LP with long track recorded in 2006.
"Error Strike" is a barrage of dynamic, crushing noise; an enduring wall that spans twenty minutes!

This lp is pro-pressed in a full-colored record jacket with paintings by Christian Koehler. Additionally, the album comes with a huge insert featuring the text, to "Bild & Tod nach Derrida"." [label info]


The lp is the memorial to Christian. It is sad that he will never see the final result.