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AUN - Black Pyramid

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cyclic Law 29th Cycle
Release Year: 2010
Note: guitar based dark drones of a tremendous power, waving blocks of distorted cosmic psychedelia (using synths & violin), polyphonic harmonies seem to be everywhere... a true masterpiece by the Canadian drone-project, highly recommended !
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"Continuing on the foundations laid with the acclaimed 2009 album Motorsleep, AUN are further blurring the line where earth and space intersect with the ominous floating monolith "Black Pyramid". Casting a new shadow, the seven tracks that make up Black Pyramid are loosely inspired by the worlds created by visionary french artist Enki Bilal. While still dealing in dark matter, the twisted guitar and electronics mutations find the duo at their most melodic, luminous and accessible yet, but in the world of AUN there is always a very fine line between light and darkness. AUN's singular psychedelic ambient drones laid on Black Pyramid definitely marks this release as some of their best work yet, and this says a lot about the sheer power of this new album given their prolific and highly praised discography.
Edition of 1000 copies in 4 Panel Digipack.
7 Tracks, Running Time: 48:00" [label info]


"If I'm not mistaken this Martin Dumais', also known as Aun, third CD, following 'Mule' (Vital Weekly 570) and Motorsleep (Vital Weekly 668). The first one was alright but not great, whereas the Germanic cosmic influence of 'Motorsleep' worked quite well. This one takes off from there, and brings it all a bit further. There is still a great sense of psychedelic ambience in here, just as on 'Motorsleep' (to avoid that C-word), but Aun is expanding. Things are more melodic here at times, and his interest also expands to shoegazing, fuzzy textures. Along his analogue synthesizers, he now adds guitar sounds, and lots of pedals, chorus, flanging and distortion. Dark music obviously, with a strong buzzing and ringing sound to it. The whole notion of drone music is pushed away, and replaced by small melodies humming underneath the great, vast masses of guitar sounds and washes of synthesizers. This is best enjoyed when played loud and let the music flow over your head, into your head and create a fine headspace. This is the industrialized version of ambient music, but never too noisy. Just grainy and rainy music. There is a strong line coming from the previous album, up and onwards. Indeed, I agree with the label, his best work to date." [FdW/Vital Weekly]