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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: AFE Records afe105lcd
Release Year: 2010
Note: hypnotizing drones & noises connected to the world of neurochemical impulses, roaring like wind & fire; lim. 300 copies, professional full colour cover & pro-duplicated CDR
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"Excluding the avantgarde composers of the 1950/60s, Maurizio Bianchi is probably the most well-known and respected italian experimental composer.
At the end of the 70s, at the peak of the Industrial scene, he released several tapes of noise music under the Sacher-Pelz moniker.
In the early 80s he started using the M.B. moniker and as the tape network was growing, a lot of his cassettes, such as Mectpyo/Blut, Industrial Tape, Computer S.p.A., Technology, Dicembre 1980 and many more were released.
Symphony for a Genocide was his first vinyl record, soon followed by other cult albums such as Menses, Neuro Habitat, Regel, Mectpyo Bakterium (released under his own real name), Das Testament, Endometrio, Carcinosi and The Plain Truth. In 1984, "Armaghedon" was announced as his last record.
In 1998-2000, due to the interest of Emanuele Carcano, founder of the Alga Marghen label, after having been sadly bootlegged all over the world for more than a decade, the whole M.B. vinyl catalogue was officially re-released on CD by Ees't Records.
At the same time, after a 14 years of meditative pause, Maurizio Bianchi returned to create music. Plenty of solo albums and collaborations were subsequently released on various medias by labels all over the world, showcasing Bianchi's different approaches at experimental music.
Maor Appelbaum is a well-respected producer and sound and lighting engineer and multi-talented musician. He has been heavily involved in the Israel music scene for many years.
He is involved in multi-textured and genre-hopping projects such as the atmospheric Sleepless, the highly aggressive and varied Vultures, the dark wave EBM-oriented band I.W.R, the dark black noise project Thy Mesmerized, as well as being the sole creator of such avant-garde solo projects as, Vectorscope, Lunisolar and Screening.
His musical ventures expand to more metallic bands such as the doom infested Moonskin, for whom he play bass and compose most of the music and lyrics. He has done various musical collaborations with Maurizio Bianchi, Kenji Siratori, Clint Listing, The Hollowing and Tom Davidov.
He was a freelance writer in such well-known zines as Metal Hammer Israel and Dofek. Currently he is the editor of the music webzine www.alternative-zine.com, and also a D.J. for many clubs and radio programs.
Coming after "Environmental Meditations" (Topheth Prophet, 2006) and "Electrostatic Deflection" (Silentes, 2007), "Innervation" is Maurizio Bianchi & Maor Appelbaum's third collaborative effort.
"Innervation", in the scientific study, is the distribution of the nerve fibers to an organ or body region. "Innervation", in the experimental dissertation, is the prevaricator apportionment of the sound filaments to a magnetophonic tissue or electrostrictive territory." *
The six tracks on the album have a strong impact, treating us with stabs of intense noise generated by analog synthesizers and effects.
"This innervated work was released using electro-neurotic sequences, mixed with concrete-sensorial modulations in an investigative contraction. Its mechanistic internalization stimulates indipendent functions for an emotional behavior. For your genetical safety please listen to it using intense cellular ear-dilatation..." * * Maurizio Bianchi, October 2008" ]label info]