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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Integrated Circuit Records ICR 73
Release Year: 2010
Note: purely instrumental, real-time recordings by the two British drone-ambient atmospherics
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"Recorded and completed at the end of 2008 and on into the first months of 2009, The Simple Plan offers a change in focus from previous collaborations between these two artists.
Comprising five tracks, The Simple Plan is purely instrumental, recorded in real-time and subjected to only minimal digital processing.
Before recording began, the decision was made to create a simpler, more organic piece of work, using computers only sparingly to record the tracks and help with arrangements. There was to be no extended manipulation of sounds, so what you hear, is basically what was played together with no overdubbing and captured live in the studio as both artists alternated between playing vintage synthesizers (the active use of synthesizers being a first for Paul Bradley) and guitars whilst being aided by a selection of new and classic effects pedals. Although not completely analogue in realisation, it was analogue in its intent.
All at once harmonious and dissonant, melodic and atonal, calming and animated, these juxtapositions marked the beginning of significant new chapters in the personal lives of both artists and this influenced the work to an almost undeniable degree and is something that subsequently underpins the fundamental nature and feel of The Simple Plan. There is somehow an abstract sense of desire and resolve that although never initially intended as a concept, naturally informed the final recordings." [label info]


"Colin Potter and Paul Bradley have been collaborating over the
past eight or nine years, between Potter's ongoing involvement in
Nurse With Wound. On previous releases, Potter and Bradley have
mustered monolithic, clinical studies in tectonic low-end rumblings
and unsettled drone vibration work. The drone is still the principle
sound element for The Simple Plan; but, here the two set out to record
in real-time with synths, guitars, and a bunch of effects. The five
extended renderings are dreamy driftscapes that certainly harken to
the '70s mantras of psychedelic ambience touched with phased guitar
dissonance, glistening surfaces of reflecting-pool ambience, and
meditative looping jams. The massive 18 minute "Gloaming" is the
center piece of the album with sitar-like harmonic overtones arching
out of a pastoral set of interwoven loops with smaller glistens,
shivers, and sparkles glowing from the underbelly of this
cinematically expansive piece of psychedelidronemusik. Certainly,
those Eno collaborations with Cluster and Robert Fripp come to mind
(especially Evening Star); but even the recent crop of psychedelic
dreamscapers like Emeralds, Celer, and William Fowler Collins draw
comparisons to this nice piece of work. Lovely!
The first 135 copies of The Simple Plan also come with a bonus
disc with solo reworkings of this material from both artists." [Aquarius Rec.]