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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Deep Listening DL-43 2010
Release Year: 2010
Note: piano, live computer processing, accordeon, conch & percussion improvisations rec. "live in the studio", forming bizarre soundscapes
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"Long time friends and colleagues, this is the first ever duo release by Pauline Oliveros and Chris Brown. Music in the Air features Brown on piano and live computer signal processing and Oliveros on accordion, conch, percussion and Expanded Instrument System. The 3 pieces on the cd were recorded live in the studio with no overdubbing." [label info]


"A first cd by these two long time friends. Brown is playing piano, live computer signal processing. And Pauline Oliveros accordion, conch, percussion, and ELS (Expanded Instrument System). On this first duo collaboration they present three works that were recorded live in the studio with no overdubbing. Oliveros started her career as a composer and musician way back in the 60s (!), and she is still on the scene as this release proves. A release by Deep Listening an institute she started in 1985 "to encourage others in the practice of Deep Listening for creativity and heightened awareness of sound and sounding". Got it? Chris Brown is educated as a classical pianist. Studies on Indonesian, Indian and other world music inspired him deeply. Later he began experimenting with building his own set of electronic instruments. In three tracks, "Nocturnal Clouds", "Gravity Waves" and "Troposphere", both musicians communicate with acoustical instruments combined with electronics. In all three works this takes form in stretched out patterns and improvisations that evoke multidimensional spaces. Swarms of sounds move through time, like a swarm of birds do in the air. The music is full of crawling and bristling sounds. Looking at the inside it is like a complex and seemingly disorder organism. But from the outset this organism is clearly involved in performing meditative gestures." [DM / Vital Weekly]