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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Auroral Borealis ABXLP 27
Release Year: 2010
Note: split LP by these two genre-breaking US-groups on the UK cult label Aurora Borealis; lim. 350 copies clear vinyl
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €19.50

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"split LP by two of Wisconsin's finest exports, BURIAL HEX and ZOLA JESUS. BURIAL HEX presents two works here, following up on the critically acclaimed "Initiations" CD and 2LP of 2008. The first track 'Go Crystal Tears' is the first outing for the new Burial Hex sound and highlights influences such as 80s horror synth master John Carpenter and Goblin coming to the fore and blending with the almost black metal vocal style and "horror electronics" so successfully developed on "Initiations". The second track 'Temple of the Flood', clocking in at a more usual 14 and a half minutes, is one of the final old-style Burial Hex tracks and proceeds in a style reminiscent of previous works with heavily processed analogue electronics and synths up until around seven minutes in where things take an unexpected turn with eroding layers of primitive percussion, water drops, and almost Martin Dennystyle exotica piano runs before ending in a deluge of sub bass and redemptive church organ. Zola Jesus expands on the works presented on the 7inch releases with a 19 minute track that blends all the trademark sounds of this young Madison genius. Nika (aka ZOLA JESUS) plays and writes all her own material, though is joined here by Dead Luke, who also plays as part of the Zola Jesus' live sound. Nika's voice, reminiscent of a teenage Diamanda Galas or a more deranged Beth Ditto, soars and wails within an ever changing cloud of pulsing synths and analogue electronics up until the eight minute mark where a naive electronic drum pattern kicks in and is joined by a warm synth line. For some minutes the track takes a tuneful No Wave turn before gradually shifting again into a darker and more menacing beast. This is stunning stuff - expect more from Zola Jesus on Aurora Borealis in the future." [label info]