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ROSE, NEIL - Wilbur Whateley / Psychopomps

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: ONEC Records onec 003LP
Release Year: 2009
Note: dark experimental electronica inspired by H.P.LOVECRAFT; lim. 250 gatefold-cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"... Inspired by the writing of HP Lovecraft this concept album is going to have a beautifully crafted gatefold sleeve and 180 grams worth of black vinyl to enhance your audio pleasure and bring about the apocalypse! Neil Rose is a Plymouth based electroacoustic composer and his debut album fully deploys his considerable skill at interweaving concrete sound sources, the spoken word and awkward polyrhythmic beat material. It is dark and brooding, and at times yields results no recording should produce, and yet retains a danceable sensibility." [label info]

"Neil Rose, sonic artist and lecturer at Plymouth College of Art, has developed a double A side concept album his first, and something of a departure for him titled Wilbour Whatley / Psychompomps, inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft. Lovecraft, whose writing is liberally descriptive of sound in conveying horror, isnt interested in poetry. His writing is quick, crude, and hurried rushing towards something so hideous yet so compelling it wipes out all mind, all sense. He is not escaping from this cosmic horror, hes escaping to it. Its a kind of inverse nirvana, and in the album, this expiry of sense, mind, reason this point of encounter in the music is devastating. The gathering energy of Yog Sothoth hit me hardest, and it was the oncoming need to dance that I found devastating if Tolkiens Belroc was a DJ, hed play this... " [Arts & Culture]