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STRATVM TERROR - Pain Implantations

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Old Europa Cafe OECD118
Release Year: 2009
Note: re-issue of 2nd album from 1998 (Malignant Records) for the project of PETER ANDERSON (RAISON D'ETRE, etc.) and TOBIAS LARSSON; two bonus tracks, re-mastered material, new artwork
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Wiederver÷ffentlichung des zweiten Albums (im Original auf Malignant Records 1998 erschienen) des "apocalyptic noise"-Seitenprojekts von RAISON D'ETRE, unsere damalige Beschreibung macht klar wohin die Reise geht: "Wie implantierter Schmerz KLINGT, zeigt das Seitenprojekt von Peter Anderson (RAISON D'ETRE) zusammen mit Tobias Larsson. Extrem dŘster-noisige Endlos-Industrial-Soundscapes, am NervenkostŘm zerrende Analog-Frequenzen & whiteNoise ľEruptionen. Pure Soundschwńlle, selten tauchen Rhythmen auf.. . for your pain only!" Kommt mit neuer Artwork, re-mastered, und 2 bonus-tracks!

"Formed by aggression and pain the aptly titled CD 'Pain Implantation' is probably a good description of the music, given the focus of the approach. Sparse and suffocating atmospheres float forth while distorted sicken tones are injected. The opening track lulls the listener into a false sense of relaxation before the distorted frequencies leap out to reek havoc on the listeners cerebral area.
The music throughout the disc pounds on your skull without mercy and then slows down before the next eruption, ripping through your ears jamming them with feedback and beats tearing the mind apart. Every track has a nerve grating, tympanic membrane agitating attraction, sonically careens off of the interior fortress of the body.
Stratvm Terror is Peter Andersson of Raison d'ŕtre, Necrophorus, Bocksholm, Atomine Elektrine etc. and Tobias Larsson of Ocean Chief. 'Pain Implantations' was originally released in 1998 on Malignant Records as the second CD album release of the band. This re-release from Old Europa Cafe, totally refurbished from the original master and added with two more songs, is presented with complete new artwork. Total disc duration is 77 minutes."
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