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DROUIN, JAMIE - A three Month warm up

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Dragon's Eye Recordings de5023
Release Year: 2009
Note: fantastic spheric drones made out of masses of single field recordings, new work by this Canadian soundartist; ed. of 250 copies, professional design, really suspended stuff !
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DER GROSSE DRONE ! Jamie DROUIN lsst seine therischen Gebilde nicht einfach so im Raum schweben, sondern verbindet immer wieder interessante Konzepte damit: Hier verbindet er ganze 124 verschiedene Field Recordings(in einem Zeitraum von 3 Monaten aufgenommen) zu einem Polydrone, der alles einzusaugen scheint, und trotzdem eine choral-harmonische Tiefendimension offenbart..

"A Three Month Warm Up uses 124 individual field recordings made in an outdoor public square in Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) over a three month period, and is inspired by the cacophony of notes played by a symphony during warm up, where a single unified tone emerges out of the various instruments and voices. In playing back the ambient recordings, filtering them down to their essential 'notes' and layering the events, Drouin creates a sonic signature of the space, as if a residual echo of everything that occurred during those three months has been trapped within the structure.
A Three Month Warm Up was a site specific work created for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria's Assume Nothing exhibition January-May, 2009. Curated by Lisa Baldissera." [label info]


"...Drouin layers all the field recordings into one long swarming mass of sound, like indeed the orchestra tuning up, but much slower and without a single event to be recognized. Or perhaps like a church full of mumbling voices. Over the course of these seventy-seven minutes, the color of the music is slowly changes, changing from dark to a bit lighter and brighter and then slowly towards the dark again. Ambient music as it is supposed to be according to the text book of Brian Eno. Music derived from everyday, common sounds surrounding us. Maybe in that respect Drouin doesn't have to offer much news to the initiated in the world of ambient music, but the longitude of the work makes much sense. Play at a low volume and let it surround you."
[FdW / Vital Weekly]