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Format: maxi-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Latitudes GMT:011
Release Year: 2009
Note: rare maxi-CD, special cardboard / art design, numbered ed. of 1000
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Limitiertes Sammerstck in speziellen Cover - soll es spter auch als 12" Vinyl geben! Ein langer one-tracker in der LATITUDES-Serie, die hnlich wie die John Peel BBC-Session "live in the Studio"-Aufnahmen prsentiert, die an nur einem Tag entstanden sind und so nicht wiederholt werden knnen..

"Six parts doom, four parts jazz-balladry Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore return with this ten minute soundtrack to an unmade existential chiller." [label info]


"...Like the previous Latitudes volume, from White Magic, this is an ep, just one song in fact, and while Bohren have been known to make some looooong songs, this one is "only" 10 and a half minutes in length. But of course what with Bohren's typical mesmeric glacial pace and soporific atmospheres, when "Mitleid Lady" is playing it's as if time has stopped, anyway... the bass frequencies throbbing gently, the sparse snick...snick...snick of the drummer's high hat, the dulcet liquid tones of electric piano melodically meandering... eventually the merest suggestion of a sweet whisper of smoky saxophone... ahhh the unique slo-mo "jazz" of Bohren is utterly entrancing as usual. This track was recorded back 2006 (we said it was long awaited), after their Geisterfaust record and before the more recent Dolores, and sounds like it could easily have found a place on either album. But having it here on its own disc is actually rather nice, as a "concentrated" (not really) dose of Bohren's special sound to savor. It's also an attractive collectible artifact, in the usual die- cut, cardboard Latitudes packaging, including an insert with text in German on one side, and a curiously unexpected picture of the mostly all-bald Bohren guys on the other side - all four of them dressed in black, of course, but standing in a grassy park on a sunny day somewhere, three of them wearing shorts, two of 'em in sandals and flipflops!" [Aquarius Rec.]