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BOY DIRT CAR - Heatrig

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Lexicon Devil lexdev003
Release Year: 2001
Note: previously unreleased recordings from the 80's by this industrial band around ERIC LUNDE
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Wunderbarer "Old School"-Industrial von dieser Truppe aus Milwaukee um ERIC LUNDE und DARREN BROWN (DIE KREUZEN-Mitglied zu dieser Zeit!), die seit 1981 aktiv waren und einige LPs auf RRR hatten... diese Aufnahmen von 1987, bisher unverffentlicht, zeigen ihr Spektrum von pumpend-rhythmischen Tracks mit schneidenden Gitarren & Vocals bis hin zu sehr freien Geruschimprovisationen. Viel handgespielte Perkussion (sowohl drums als auch metall) kommt zum Einsatz, frsend-fiese elektronische Effekte & Feedbacks, Basslines, Sprachsamples.. man merkt, dass hier noch alles in "real time" handgemacht wurde und ohne Computereinsatz.

"Originally issued in 2001 by Lexicon Devil. Boy Dirt Car may hardly be a household name in the world of pop, but for noise aficionados worldwide, those three words conjure up visions and dreams of a time when the words "noise" and "industrial" really meant something. Starting out in Milwaukee in '81 with the duo of Eric Lunde and Darren Brown, they eventually settled into a semi-stable quartet line-up that also featured Dan Kubinski and Keith Brammer of local hardcore kings, Die Kreuzen. With a string of albums on the RRR label (there's also a boxed set in there) and even an appearance on the seminal Sub Pop 100 LP, BDC made their stamp in the underground, but then sadly called it quits in the late '80s, while individual members pursued other projects. Amidst this mess and turmoil lay Heatrig, their swan song and finest moment, left unreleased until now. The BDC "sound" is not easy to pin down. There are some graspable elements in place: the metal-banging clang of Neubauten, the drones and scrapes of Nurse With Wound or early SPK and the uncategorizable "rock" stew that made Die Kreuzen such a fine band in their day, though mainly BDC remain BDC. Forever and always." [label info]