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SYLVIAN, DAVID - When loud Weather buffeted Naoshima

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Samadhisound ltd. ss0011
Release Year: 2007
Note: site-specific composition feat. FENNESZ, ARVE HENRIKSEN, AKIRA RABELAIS, CLIVE BELL. Large DVD digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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"When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima was commissioned by the Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation on the island of Naoshima, Japan as part of the Naoshima Standard 2 exhibition which ran from Oct 2006 to April 2007. The composition is site specific. In fact, Sylvian has said that the work isn't really complete until the sounds of the town Honmura are incorporated into the listening experience. For the Samadhisound release of When Loud Weather... Sylvian has incorporated some of the sounds of the island into the final mix. While this obviously doesn't compare to the experience of listening to the work in situ, it goes someway towards creating an echo of it. In the process, Sylvian's created a piece which might find new and interesting interpretations in a variety of unanticipated contexts. 'I attempted to create a work that increased the awareness of other dimensions of reality while complimenting, contrasting, and extending those physically at hand. A multiple exposure, a layering, mapping reference points both real and imagined. The "loud weather" referred to in the title is in reference to the emotional life of the island complemented by its spiritual ancestry and its influence on everyday life.' This idea of the superimposition of landscapes and of a multi-layered dimensionality came about due to the fact that the Chichu Art Museum, located on the island and owned by the Fukutake Foundation, is situated beneath ground level and housed in that structure are four of Monet's water lily paintings. The 20th century French landscape of Giverny as seen through Monet's eyes housed beneath the earth of a Japanese Island floating in the Seto Inland Sea. There's even an interpretation of Monet's garden, incorporating many of the plants he cherished, close to the entrance of the museum. This release will only be made available in a limited edition format (a DVD digipak beautifully designed by our own Chris Bigg with cover art by Sachiyo Tsurumi) for a limited time after which it will be deleted from the catalog. As the Foundation have decided to make the audio a part of the permanent collection on the island it will be there that the work will remain accessible once the Samadhisound edition is ended. The recording was performed by an ensemble of musicians: Clive Bell, Christian Fennesz, Arve Henriksen, Akira Rabelais, and David Sylvian."
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