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BURNES, ANDREW - Telescope

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Table of the Elements TOE-LP-98 / Cf98
Release Year: 2008
Note: 7th release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series Vol. 3 & 4 (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side on colour or clear vinyl; solo debut album of this member of SAN AGUSTIN; mastered by JIM PLOTKIN
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.00

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Siebter Teil in der neuen "Gitarren-Serie" mit kunstvollem, farbigen Gravur-Vinyl. ANDREW BURNES aus dem LOREN MAZZANE CONNERS-Umfeld schafft konzentrierte Aufmerksamkeit in seinem innovativen Umgang mit seiner "steel guitar", wenn polytonale, metallisch schimmernde und sehr lebendige Drones erstnen..

"7th installment in the Guitar Series Vols. 3 & 4. Burnes is a founding member of the ethereal, post-blues ensemble SAN AGUSTIN & is also member of HAUNTED HOUSE, alongside Loren Mazzacan Connors. Telescope is a glittering chunk of sound, as Burnes transforms that particular emblem of Americana, the steel guitar, into one vast, slowly undulating drone." [label info]

"Here, Burnes, credited with just lap steel guitar, totally reinvents the instrument, subverting any idea of Appalachia or traditional steel string guitar music, instead creating a warm sidelong soundscape of muted buzz and slowly shimmering soft focus drift. The main component here is most definitely the drone, a whirring buzzy, shimmering metallic whir, that is by no means static, instead shifting colors and subtly changing shape, almost like holding your ear against an excited string as its overtones take on a life of their own. But in and around the buzz, little flecks of melody surface, almost like sparks being produced by the constant incessant vibrating steel, but these sparks are soft and sweet, like the surviving fragments of what was once some sort of Appalachia, drifting to the surface, and fluttering to the ground through Burnes' ever
expanding cloud of warm metallic shimmer. Super subtle and minimal and gorgeous. Drone music fanatics will definitely need to keep an eye on Burnes, and folks who like their country disembodied and blurred into warm fuzzy blissy drones, well then Telescope seems like it was custom created just for you! Pressed on super thick, swirled milky green black and white vinyl. One sided, the other side with a beautiful etching courtesy of the mighty Savage Pencil, housed in a thick PVC sleeve, and again like most good things in life, or so it seems, VERY VERY LIMITED!" [Aquarius Records review]