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Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm 57
Release Year: 2009
Note: one-tracker mixing instrumental (zylophone) with field (rain) recordings; kind of sister-release to the SUHINA 10" which appears at the same time
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Ungefhr zur gleichen Zeit wie die SUHINA 10" in unserer SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA-Reihe erschien diese mini-CDR bei TAALEM. Enthalten ist ein ca. 21mintiger one-tracker mit rhrenden, fast mechanischen Drones, die er auf einem "tubular zylophone" einspielt; die Statik des Beginns ist aber nur eine scheinbare, wenn sehr schn schwingende metallische Obertne dazukommen, wallende organ-drones und sich fast auflsende rauschender Regenklnge... ein sehr feines Stck!!

"Micheal Northam travels a lot and presents here a work that was recorded in India in december 2007, with his microtuned tubular zylophone along with winter rain. Its unclear what (or if at all) he has done with the recordings, but its a pretty neat work. Maybe a bit more rougher than usual, but the various shifting tones of the metallic object he is playing, along with the processed field recordings make this a slow yet always evolving piece of work. A classic Northam piece of drone like acoustic sounds and field recordings. " [FdW / Vital Weekly]

"artwork: delphine ancelle-b. based on cassette recordings on a microtuned tubular zylophone while under an unusual winter rain at the adishakti center, vazhakulam, pondicherry, india (december 2007). mixed at the hobbit hole, kreuzberg, berlin (july/aug 2008.
michael northam could be considered as much as a sound artist as a world traveller... his work is the continuation of more than fifteen years of visiting, working with and learning from over ninety artists (jgrzinich, yannick dauby, loren chasse, martin franklin, francisco lopez or hitoshi kojo/spiracle to name a few) over fifty locations in twenty-five countries!
a perfect example is this piece recorded in india then mixed in germany, probably rawer and rougher than some of his other works..." [label info]