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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Conspiracy Records CORE072
Release Year: 2008
Note: feat. members of PAN SONIC, SCHNEIDER TM, MUM.. lim. 500 / incl. a promo-remix CD of PHILIPPE PETIT (that also came with THE WIRE # 301)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"A collaboration between ANGEL (Ilpo Visinen (Pan Sonic), Dirk Dresselhaus (SchneiderTM), Hildur Dudnadottir (Mum/Stilluppsteypa etc.) and STRINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Philippe Petit (BiP_HOp etc.), Mark Beazly (Rothko), Raphaelle Rinaudo ( Pierre Yves Mace Ensemble), Nicholas Dick (Kill The Thrill)). The whole sound project redesigns with fluidity a certain form of contemporary noise. It is quite both warm and delicate, away from the traditional noisy tempest attached to this musical genre. However, you have to embark on a musical voyage to allow this noisy delicacy slowly make its way into your body instead of violently exploding onto your face. The more attention you'll bestow on that record, the more unsuspected new paths you'll be invited to wander about. An intricacte and imaginative soundtrack with several layers of sound, gathering both organic and sonic elements to assemble a post-industrial sound structure. The latter will give life to a noisy magma where unexpected clicks stumble over interferences, where digital accidents happen and where drones, acoustic resonance fill the space in time. A multitude of digital notes will slowly stretch to reach a dark-grey chaos, a pure and clean big bang echoing and calling lost sound memories." [label info]

"... On both pieces, the rough coating on the sound forms is very reminiscent of Pan Sonics own experimentations, but the context is somewhat different here, and the resulting work draws upon very different resources. With this album, SoC and Angel have created an incredibly dense and vibrant soundtrack, which is ultimately much bigger than the sum of its parts." [The Milk Factory]