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RODEN, STEVE - Schindler House

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: New Plastic Music npibmak-001
Release Year: 2001
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Wieder benutzt STEVE RODEN konkrete Soundschnipsel und erschafft mit ihnen eindrucksvoll atmosphrische, sensibel tnende Dronescapes, 3 lange Stcke sind hier enthalten. Das ganze kommt im groformatiger Hlle mit 3 Farbpostkarten!!

"schindler house is a document of a recent installation done at the mak center for art and architecture los angeles. the mak center is located in the studio residence of the architect r.m. schindler built in 1923. the house is one of the earliest modern buildings in los angeles, and more importantly is one of my own personal favorite spaces in the entire world. building upon my interactions with the house over the years, as well as memories of spending weekends as a kid in another of schindler's houses that my father lived in, i spent the night at the mak recordings the intimate details of the house and its surroundings - rattling window panes, bamboo stalks, door hinges, etc. i installed 3 pieces made primarilly of these abstracted field recordings in the house and gardens for a month as part of a group exhibition of site specific works for the house. the cd documents these 3 installations in a somewhat elaborate package including a full length cd, 3 color postcards documenting the installation and source materials, and a rather lengthy text consisting of a personal history of schindler and my process of creating the installation. it's a space i've always wanted to work with, hence i consider it a very personal project." - steve roden.