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RYN (or R.Y.N.) - Cosmic Birth

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Turgid Animal Records #331
Release Year: 2008
Note: second album by the "massive drone" project from UK
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Zweites Album der "Otherworld"-Droner aus UK, die ihren Endlos-Drone-Stil verfeinert haben, wesentlich softere Passagen kommen vor und erkennbare Gitarren-Klnge, doomige Elemente... nur 300 Stck wurden hiervon gepresst !

"R.Y.N. - "Cosmic Birth" - The follow up to this years first album on Unrest Prod. This is an anthology of 03-04 records and is a real treat for your ears! An hours worth of some of the best heavy drone/ambient in the business. Featuring members of Romance and Marzuraan. Highly recommended! Comes in specially printed jewel cases packaging, looks amazing but is easy to ship, best of both worlds! Expected shipping date will be early December. 300 copies." [label blog info]

"We were pretty into the R.Y.N 7 we reviewed a while back on the mighty Drone Records label. But this is the first full length we've gotten our hands on (apparently there's another companion full length released earlier this year) and it's pretty amazing. Huge tectonic slabs of glacial doomic drone, equal parts Sunroof!, Sunn 0))), Wolf Eyes, deep grinding low end, shimmering black expanses of churning, washed out murk, blurred and smeared into apocalyptic dirgescapes. Deep dense and ominous, but strangely pretty as well. What we didn't know until quite recently, was that R.Y.N. features the man behind long time aQ faves Marzuraan, which makes sense when you think about it, as most of the R.Y.N record sounds like it could be the early stages of a Marzuraan album, or more accurately, a Marzuraan record with all the metal and pummel removed, no vocals, no buzzing downtuned guitars, just the blackened shadows beneath, and the guitars that DO surface, are blurred into long sheets of undulating washed out muted buzz, wreathed in sheets of feedback, often building to high end symphonies that threaten the very fabric of your inner ear, before slowly subsiding into something much more tranquil and dronelike. And these aren't simple tones either, these are rough edged crumbling sonic expanses, rife with metallic buzz, haunting overtones, layered and dense, a sound active and ALIVE, a burning buzz that often sounds like it's barely being restrained. Often slipping into something soft and smooth, drifting in the distance, lulling the listener before exploding into a sound much more fierce, white hot and glimmering violently like a collision between two sonic suns, with the tracks that follow, like the aftermath, long glowing streaks of sound, unfurling in an endless expanse of blackness, peppered with soft focus glimmers, and barely audible rumbles.
The sound of R.Y.N. manages to shift from krautrocky new age to post industrial black ambience and back again, often finding a sonic
space right in between that we probably didn't think even existed. By now, it should be obvious if this is your thing, but here's a few other names, that if found in your collection, probably speaks to the likelihood that you need this: Atavist, Hlidolf, Encomiast, Troum, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Fear Falls Burning, Expo '70, Half Makeshift, Sorc'Henn, Xela." [Aquarius Records review]