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BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS - The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Old Europa Cafe OECD112
Release Year: 2008
Note: feat. collaborations with PSBEUYS, Sudden Infant, Niko Skorpio, Baraclough and Devotchka's Conundrum
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Fnf neue Stcke des kreatrlichen Duos, sowie einige Remixe von NIKO SKORPIO, SUDDEN INFANT, BARACLOUGH, etc.. meist trancig-verschwurbeltes, komplexes, suggestives, nicht unbedingt technoides Material. Trotzdem ensteht oft ein hypnotisches Flair...
die COIL-Nhe ist noch da, aber mehr und mehr arbeiten BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS ihr eigenes Profil heraus.

"Black Sun Productions' new album features collaborations with PSBEUYS, Sudden Infant, Niko Skorpio, Baraclough and Devotchka's Conundrum. Conceived by Massimo & Pierce as the darker counterpart to their 2007 post-pop album Chemism, The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm marks Black Sun Productions' return to the realm of abstract, experimental musick. Magick, trance sounds...Cover artwork by Ian Jhonstone (Coil). COIL FANS TAKE NOTE!" [label info]

"The Swiss duo Massimo & Pierce have already released a few CDRs plus the album "Somewhere Between Desire And Despair" (on Tourette Records) since their last album on Old Europa Cafe. They here set up some collaboration with artists like Psbeuys, Sudden Infant, Niko Skorpio, Baraclough and Devotchka's Conundrum. This way the album becomes quite diversified moving from ambient parts to low tempo rhythmic. The opening part of this surreal title, "The Milky Smell Of Phantom Sperm" is fully exciting. After a spooky debut-piece serving as intro we get the remarkable "Baptistina". This track sounds like a sonic labyrinth where experimental and ambient styles are meeting each other and finally come to a kind of rhythmic apotheosis. The title track coming next is more in the experimental vein, but features a kind of haunting passage as well. The ambient "Black Lollipop" coming up is quite a special cut described as a combined remix of the tracks "Dies Juvenalis" and "Das Gegenteil" while being produced by Psbeuys. This piece starts in a cool ambient way featuring multiple sounds while evolving into a more minimal technoid part reminding me to Black Lung. The link with Black Lung appears again on the remarkable "Passing Water" again produced by Psbeuys. The particularity from this song definitely appears in the samplings taken from Lydia Lunch claiming that 'the song is not about you'. A few Gregorian influences have been added to the track while the rhythmic and minimalism refers to Black Lung. In a different style, but here again with some (lower) rhythmic "the Milk Of The Stars" is another attention grabber. This track is an astral reconstruction of Niko Skorpio's "Sweat & Smoke". I especially like the soundsculptures running through this track while a deep fog of mystery hangs over the cut. This album also explores more experimental sides that have been finalized in different cuts like "Requiem For Disposed Waders", "A Hole Of One's Own" (created by Devotchka's Conundrum) or yet "Baby got A Mohawk" with additional sounds by Christian Renou. A 100% surreal title for an even more surreal sound that will for sure enchant lovers of ambient minimalism and other experimental souls." [Side-Line]

"....A great release by Old Europa Cafe and, of course, by Massimo & Pierce. Fans of their music will know what to expect and will not be disappointed, and while I usually advice people who want to be introduced to a certain band to listen to its albums from the first to the last, The Milky Smell Of Phantom Sperm is a great way to get aquainted with the infamous Black Sun Productions." [Oren ben Yosef, Heathen Harvest]