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BLINDHAED - Whether that will make people want to become Archaeologists, we'll have to see

Format: LP (one-sided)
Label & Cat.Number: Ini Itu Records # 0801
Release Year: 2008
Note: nice debut-release from a new field recording / microsouds project from Belgium; one-sided LP w. playtime 19+ minutes, edition of 250 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €9.50

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Erste "physische" Verffentlichung fr dieses neue belgische Projekt - eine one-sided LP mit schner Artwork. Schichten von field recordings und elektronischen Effekten bilden hier einen geheimnisvollen "microsound", der von sehr weit herberzuwehen scheint, und mit zunehmender Entwicklung immer welliger & droniger wird.
Ein wunderbarer One-tracker, fast 20 Minuten lang!

"My keyboard is limited, so the presstext allows me to write Blindhaed, but in Vital Weekly 621, when I reviewed a MP3 release on Ruidemos, I wrote Blindheao. Its Icelandic, for what its worth, and it means something like Blind Spot. Their second release is an one-sided LP, why not two I immediately think, with again a lovely long title. "The piece is based on an accumulation of layers of sounds which were reworked during quite long periods of time", it says, and makes references to Tietchens, Xenakis and Steve Roden. I'd like to add Werkbund to these references. The slight metallic rumble, the same subaquatic sound processing, the debris of contactmicrophone rumble. It seems to be dealing less with field recordings, and more with the electronic layering of various concrete actions and sounds, which shift along eachother in quite an intelligent way. One can sense that there is quite some time and effort in this piece, since it flows subtle and moves into various different textures. A pity there is just one side. I could have easily digested another side of this." [FdW / Vital Weekly]