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RODEN, STEVE - A slow moving Boat

Format: mCD
Label & Cat.Number: New Plastic Music npib8.1
Release Year: 2007
Note: nice "norway ferry" / voice / bowed banjo drone-experiment
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

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'1. a slow moving boat. In april 2007, I made several recordings on a ferry in Norway, of the engine resonating through the metal hull. Later, I recorded my voice humming and singing to the ferry, using it as a harmonic guide or drone. I then erased the original ferry recording, and replaced it with a bowed banjo. The piece was created for the FM ferry experiment, and broadcast from the staten island ferry in ny. Special thanks to Jorgen Larsson for the Norwegian journey, and Valerie Tavere for including the piece in the FM ferry project.'

"Here's a new lil' 3" treat from the always-interesting LA-based experimentalist Steve Roden. It offers a view of land through a ship's dirty window... three black marks on the glass evoke the 'noise' of worn film as Roden's voice falls below the waterline. This song, "A
Slow Moving Boat", has come to life through several poetic transformations described in a short text on the cd sleeve. Taking field recordings he made of a ship's hull in Norway, Roden has used them as guide for his voice as he hummed along to the drone, then replaced the original field with a recording of bowed banjo. As with all of the 'concepts' that drive Roden's work, this one is absolutely gentle... a subjective way of framing and eliciting a creative gesture that, in this case, deftly makes its way back to a ship as a commissioned soundtrack for an FM Staten Island ferry broadcast. The voice on this 15 minute piece ebbs in and out of itself, Roden intoning beautifully at both a high and a low register while the banjo buzzes and flutters. Strangely, as hand-made and human as this music is, it seems to leave its maker behind as it blows out of reach of land..." [Aquarius Records review]